Zari Hassan. [Courtesy]

Zari Hassan is cut for the finest things in life. She says she loves life expensive. From the generous stock of tasteful décor, state-of-the-art design theatrics with modern craftsmanship Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle showcases this Diamond Platnumz mama's fancy queendoms in Tanzania and South Africa.

Zari Hassan's pad. [Courtesy]

While others make wishes over candles on a birthday cake, Zari lives it. A gift from her ex, Platnumz, the socialite lives in a mansion complete with a swimming pool in South Africa.

Zari Hassan's pad. [Courtesy]

The entrance to home sets the mood and for her space Zari plays with an array of plants and a grand mirror and table leading into the house.

Looking good is an integral part of personal style. From designer bags to designer perfumes a walk-in closet is akin to a sports car to a man.

Zari Hassan's closet. [Courtesy]

Plants add a breath of fresh air. Zari keeps one section of her garden space all green, offering a contrasting result against the grey walls.

What better way to spend an idyllic weekend than to take tea outdoors?

Zari Hassan's pad. [Courtesy]

To quench her minimalist need, Zari keeps another one of her chill spots clean with a grand chandelier for a modernist touch.

Zari Hassan's home. [Courtesy]

For a more spiritual kind of luxurious comfort, she eliminates clutter with no cushions on the long-necked chairs and a staged eclectic vase on a striking abstract stool.

Zari Hassan's luxurious comfort. [Courtesy]

On a hot sunny day, the pool is how the Dangote's cool off.

Zari Hassan by the pool. [Courtesy]

Even while in Tanzania, it is the best or nothing. To get around she rides in her expensive machines.

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Zari Hassan's cars. [Courtesy]

For her beautiful kitchen it is characterized by warm colors and must-have appliances offering functionality.

Zari Hassan's kitchen [Courtesy]

While in +255, the socialite goes for a whitewashed contemporary theme for the chilling area and opting for wooden kitchen cabinets against marble top counters for a cutesy outcome.