Ruth Matete. (Courtesy)

Former Tusker Project fame winner turned pastor Ruth Matete has shared how her father helped nurture her singing talent, becoming an important tool in the gospel ministry.

Opening up via her Instagram page, Ruth disclosed that the moment her father realized she could sing, he took it upon himself to grow her talent.

"When my father realized I could sing; he was so intentional with training me. Aside from having assignments from school, I also had assignments from daddy on songs that I needed to learn. By the age of 12, I was singing with him in churches, crusades, concerts etc. I would sing and people would really clap for me and tell me how I had a great voice," she wrote.

While singing and interacting with other singers on different occasions, Ruth admitted that she was taken aback by one particular woman who managed to move the crowd to tears through her singing. From then, Ruth knew she equally wanted to use her voice for ministry.

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"One day, I was singing in a church where other people were also singing. Then as usual I sang and people clapped!! Then this lady sang and people were in tears, broken, hands lifted up. Oh my! I desired that. To cut the already long story short, I found out that day, that I was not born again, even though I sang gospel music.

"I then gave my life to Christ and wow!!! I am no longer a singer but a minister. Now I sing and the results are different. People are broken, with hands lifted," she added.

True worshipper 

According to Ruth, a gospel minister needs to be with God to relay his word and move believers successfully. The mother of one advised her fellow worship leaders, asking them to be ministers above being entertainers without expecting cheers and ululation after their session. For Ruth, the testimonies that came about as a result of her worship were the most rewarding.

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"Sometimes, they won't even clap after I am done with the ministration. But the testimonies that follow after, I can't begin to describe how glad my heart gets when I listen to them. Being a worshipper needs you to have a personal relationship with Christ. That way, He sings through you. You become a vessel that He uses. Skill is great. But anointing is even greater. Desire to be anointed.

"Desire to be a minister and not an entertainer. By the way, it shows. You can't lie about it. It will show in your singing. If you're empty, it will show. You will try all the runs, but it will still be dry. But if you have been with the Lord, seeking Him, you won't need to tell us to lift our hands and worship. We will be convicted to do so by the Holy Spirit whom you have allowed to minister through you. You are but a vessel," she concluded.