Tanzanian artistes compose song to pay tribute to President Magufuli.

Several Tanzanian artistes have hit the studio to compose a special tribute song mourning President John Pombe Magufuli.

In a video shared by Wasafi TV on Instagram, over 20 artistes, most of them in a sombre mood, are seen in the studio in the middle of the night composing and recording the song.

Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan said Magufuli died at Mzena Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on Wednesday evening, where he was receiving treatment for a heart condition.

President Magufuli is dead.

The artistes included Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Ben Pol, Malkia Karen Gnako, Christina Shusho, Juma Jux, Belle 9, Dulla Makabila, Queen Darleen, Zuchu, Khadija Kopa, Mbosso, Shilole, Marioo, Baba Levo, among others.

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“Mastaa wa Muziki wa Bongo Fleva wameingia studio muda huu, kutengeneza wimbo maalumu kwa ajili ya maombolezo ya msiba mkubwa wa Taifa uliotokea wa Kifo cha Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli,” Wasafi TV captioned the video.

Already, Bongo artiste Rayvanny released a tribute song, Kifo (Magufuli), praising the late president.

“Upendo kwa wasanii kila mahali, ulifurahi nasi ukatujali. Zile kofia kumbukumbu umefunga safari, Magufuli wetu,” said Rayvanny in the song.

Magufuli and Tanzanian artistes 

Most Bongo Flava artistes loved Magufuli because of his support, and this was shown during the 2020 General Election campaigns.

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"I feel good when I see Ali Kiba seated next to Diamond. When you see Harmonize, who left Diamond Platnumz praising him in public, that's the unity I want," Magufuli said during one of his campaign rallies where he had invited the three stars.

In December 2018, Diamond led other artistes in declaring a truce with the government, begging Magufuli to pardon him over "indecent" content, which saw some of his songs banned. Magufuli pardoned the singer and even gifted him with a hat during one of his campaign rallies.

Diamond Platinumz later remixed his popular song, Baba Lao, to a new version, Magufuli Baba Lao – a campaign anthem that was played in every corner of the country during CCM campaign rallies.