Emmy Koskei and Anselm Madubuko. [Courtesy]

Gospel singer Emmy Koskei has Wednesday excited her fans on social media with a post on humility.

Revealing that her husband Anselm Madubuko paid her a surprise visit, the Taunet Nelel star explained that submission comes naturally when a woman is treated right. "He passed by to see how his queen was doing! I just love how he kings me. A secure woman who has been given her place, treated well with respect, honor, and value has no problem with humility in fact eee eeh," she posted.

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A message reminiscent of her viral 2017 gesture when she knelt before the General Overseer of Revival Assembly Church, Nigeria. Koskei noted that there is an art to submission as it adds much-needed value to a relationship. She advised that it must be done out of love.

“Humility is never a weakness in life. Pride as they say comes before a fall. It doesn't hurt to humble yourself, it doesn't take anything out of you it actually adds! You remain a rib and helper to him regardless of your status financially or otherwise, must you be right always? Must your point come through always? Must you announce your contribution to your marriage? Must it be known that you do all things? Learn to tame your character, learn to bite your tongue. Treat him like the king that he is, love and honor him.... some little acts look foolish but it adds value! Do it out of love! Wisdom is profitable! Step down from 7th floor,’’ she posted.

Praising her husband on their seventh wedding anniversary in 2020, Koskei highlighted that he an amazing husband, who treats her like a queen and is proud that she is growing with him spiritually and emotionally.

"Thank you for walking with us! Thank you for drawing us closer to you. You have been faithful in this year of completion, we give you praise. You are an amazing husband, thank you for protecting me! Thank you for showing me Jesus, thank you for treating me like the queen that I am. Looking at seven years back, I’m glad I said yes!”

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Adding: “I have grown spiritually, emotionally, and otherwise. Oh, this picture was during the recording of my soon coming song Maloo and my 2020 project after preaching and a long day, you stayed there until the recording was done. Over 15hrs just to ensure this project is a success. This touched me so much… In your capacity, you would have sent your staff, sons, etc., to stand in for you but you gave your attention."