Burger King apologizes for ‘women belong in the kitchen’ tweet. [Courtesy]

On Monday, people worldwide celebrated International Women's Day by posting numerous messages on social media. Pretty much, almost every brand tried to put out something to mark the day.

However, in an attempt to highlight the gender disparity in the culinary industry, Burger King's tweet 'women belong in the kitchen' seems to have backfired.

One Twitter user, @snarkgrapefruit commented saying, "There are better ways to draw attention to something that don't including using the most sexist trope ever."

The sentiments were echoed by @BeccaBeckery, who said, "Please don't use sexism as clickbait."

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After a series of abusive comments from angry fans, Burger King UK deleted the tweet and explained the rationale behind their message.

Burger King has since deleted the tweet.

The chain stated that they were on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career.

In the apology tweet, Burger King said, "We hear you. We got our initial tweet wrong and we're sorry. Our aim was to draw attention to the fact that only 20% of professional chefs in UK kitchens are women and to help change that by awarding culinary scholarships. We will do better next time.

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"We decided to delete the original tweet after our apology. It was brought to our attention that there were abusive comments in the thread, and we don't want to leave the space open for that," tweeted Burger King.

Despite deleting their tweet, fans still felt that the damage had already been done, as most of them shared screenshots of the original tweet.

Twitter user @AzureKazama said, "I think deleting the original tweet is a mistake, as now people are only sharing the first part and not the whole story, which makes it look worse than an eye catching attempt and just straight-up sexist."