Refa Al-Yami was allegedly kidnapped by members of her family [Photo: Newsflash]

An influencer mum lost custody of her children after her husband reportedly persuaded a court her tattoos and green hair made her an unfit parent.

Refa Al-Yemi has a large following on TikTok and Snapchat - regularly posting fitness and health and beauty tips for her fans. But the fitness coach mum, from Saudi Arabia, was allegedly kidnapped by relatives who reportedly felt her online activity brought shame on the family.

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After being removed from her children, her husband was reportedly awarded custody after claiming her tattoos, hair colour and images of her workouts were "proof" that she was not a fit mum. Refa was allegedly forcibly taken from her apartment in Jeddah by family members who were driving her to Najran. But police had stopped the car and arrested four people, reports Albawaba.

Rumours started to surface online that the popular influencer had been the victim of an "honour killing", with the hashtag #IsRefaKilled? topping trends of Twitter in Saudi. Authorities said Refa is now in a safe location while being cared for after by social services.

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But human rights defenders including Lina Alhathloul - whose sister Loujain was recently released from jail after calling for women’s freedom in Saudi - has slammed her treatment. In a tweet, Lina claimed: "Rafa was an independent woman. Her male relatives did not like it and abducted her.