The island features pink flowers and blooming trees [Photo: AsiaWire]

A man's unbelievable romantic gesture failed to win his girlfriend back - but it did make him famous. Lovesick Xiao Xu used all of his savings to build an island for his ex in Hetou village, Yingde city, Guangdong, China.

The 30-year-old completely transformed the patch of land into a romantic paradise, covered with pink flowers and blooming peach and cherry trees. Xiao also constructed a bridge and a swing, which was wrapped in pink blossom petals. He told reporters: "These flowers are very beautiful, especially the cherry blossoms symbolise pure love. They are all loved by girls."

He spent Sh2 million on the romantic project [Photo: AsiaWire]

The heartbroken lover spent Sh2 million (£11,000) project after his girlfriend broke up with him when he moved back to his parents' hometown to care for them. He started working on the island in December and finished around a month later, however his attempt to rekindle his relationship failed.

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His former partner shot down his advances in a cutting response. She told him: "Thank you for your sincere dedication. You will find someone better than me." Reacting to her message, Xiao said: "Although I am not good at expressing, I can't speak sweet words, but I wish her a better partner."

He started working on the island in December [Photo: AsiaWire]

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Despite failing to win back his love, the 30-year-old has inadvertently created a tourist destination, which has been dubbed the 'Lovers Island'. Couples now flock to the island for wedding photoshoots and marriage proposals. Xiao's story has gone viral on Chinese social media with many people promising him he will soon find love again. The island is free to visit and tourists are being invited to take a look.