Breeder [Photo: Instagram]

Rapper Breeder LW has appealed to rappers to take a back seat and prepare for his industry's takeover in the next couple of weeks.

"I'm happy because currently, I'm doing what I love. Before the end of March, I will have released my album, Bazenga Mentality and all I can say is I'm coming for the industry. I'm coming to eat **** up, " he said.

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The rapper, who steered away from sharing details of his altercation with fellow rapper Octopizzo, said he is focusing on the project and nothing else. "My management and I just want to make sure that we give our fans the best in 2021. I'll only talk while sitting on the throne when my album is out."


A rant by former journalist and now activist Boniface Mwangi has had celebrity stylists talking and threatening not to offer grooming services to him. In a social media rant directed at Governor Hassan Joho, Boniface claimed that Mombasa residents were suffering because the county boss "poses with hairdressers on his social media pages."

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This seems to have irked celebrity hairdressers Eric One Wash and Steve roots. “Keep your wars away from us. This is a career that feeds families and we can be anything we want,” Steve Roots said, with Eric questioning why the activist was being contemptuous. “So he thinks we are hairdressers because we are illiterate or what? What we are requesting is for people to respect our careers just like they do for everyone else.”