Kajala Masanja.

Harmonize’s new girlfriend, Kajala Masanja, has responded to claims that she could be expecting a baby with Harmonize. The Tanzanian film star revealed that she is not in the family way, but she will hopefully try her luck in due time. Speaking with Global Publishers, the 37-year-old actress insinuated that she would conceive for Harmonize when the time is right.

Mungu akipenda maana kila kitu ni mpango wa Mungu. (God willing because everything is according to God’s plan),” she said.

The award-winning actress added that she enjoys her new relationship with the singer and that nothing will come between the two. According to her, she is completely swept off her feet.


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Niko poa kabisa naendelea kama kawaida na ninafurahi sana penzi langu na sidhani kama kuna anayenidai mimi. (I am completely cool and I am very happy with my new love and I don’t think there is anyone who will come in between.)” she said.

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To her critics, Kajala told them she was not moved at all by their sharp words. She claimed that she has been on the receiving end so often that she is used to it, adding that each person should live their life to the fullest because no one else will do it for them.

Nilishatukanwa sana toka huko nyuma na kwa mambo mengi, hivyo waendelee tu kufanya wawezavyo au kutukana wanavyotaka kwa maana hakuna mtu ambaye anabeba hisia za moyo wangu, waache maisha ya watu wengine yaendelee. (I have been insulted a lot in the past and for many things, so just keep doing what they can or insulting who they want because no one carries the feelings of my heart, let other people’s lives go on.)” she cautioned.

Kajala was recently in the spotlight after Hamisa Mobetto threatened to sue her following allegations that Hamisa took advantage of Kajala’s daughter and taped her getting cosy with Rayvanny. Kajala claimed that her daughter was given alcohol and was not in the right state of mind while recording the said videos.

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“Hamisa Mobetto asked me to give her my daughter for a lunch date. She took advantage and went to link my daughter up with Rayvanny for her own advantage. They gave her alcohol and recorded dirty videos,” Kajala wrote on Instagram.

Responding to the actress, Hamisa denied having introduced Paula to Rayvanny, saying the two might have met on a different day and not when she took her for lunch.

“I am not your damage control. Yes, I took your daughter for lunch and all that time, I was updating you on our whereabouts,” Hamisa wrote.