Exterior view of the Elysee Palace in Paris[Photo: Charles Platiau]

Two popular French YouTube comedians got more than 10 million views on YouTube with a song about social distancing, winning a bet made with President Emmanuel Macron.

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Macron challenged dared Mcfly and Carlito, who have over six million subscribers on YouTube, to make a video about the need to wear masks, disinfect hands and keep a safe distance to slow the spread of the coronavirus. As an incentive, he promised they could film their next project in his Elysee palace if the video hit 10 million views.

With more than 11 million views on Wednesday, the duo easily won the challenge with a ukulele-backed song that mocks people who ignore Covid-19 social distancing rules. “I sneezed in my hand because my elbow was too far,” one line of the lyrics goes.

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Towards the end of the clip, Macron’s face appears in the sky as he lists social distancing measures, and the comedians sing that the only way to back to a world before social distancing is to apply social distancing now. The video is not the duo’s first coronavirus-related initiative. Last April they raised Sh54 million (400,000 euros) for French hospitals in an 11-hour live YouTube session.