President Uhuru Kenyatta and Pascal Tokodi (inset). [Photo: Instagram]

Selina lead actor Pascal Tokodi is Thursday under fire from a section of netizens over a request he made to President Uhuru Kenyatta following a chance encounter outside State House, Nairobi on February 24.

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In the 14 second clip that has since gone viral, a visibly frenzied Tokodi requested the Head of State to watch the show which airs on Maisha Magic East after bumping into him during a drive along State House Road.

“How are you, sir? Oh my goodness! What! Have a good day… Ona Selina! Watch Selina! Maisha Magic East,” Tokodi can be heard asking Kenya’s most powerful man, who in the video is seen rocking a floral-motif shirt, black trousers and what appears to be a cane.

Tokodi’s move not to seize the rare moment to draw Uhuru’s attention to ‘real issues’, according to some angered Kenyans on Twitter, was selfish - and a letdown. 

Criticism the actor shrugged off saying he has no apologies to make. “I am unfazed, no matter what… There are some who are saying I should have asked him about the curfew, and all these other things…but for those 15 seconds... I chose to speak for myself. The truth is, I asked questions about BBI etc. but the camera was off, would I lie to you?"

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A position agreed with by celebrities and fans alike, who in response, rallied to defend the 27-year-old for ‘plugging his hustle’.