Sandra Dacha.

Auntie Boss actress Sandra Dacha, better known as Silprosa, has dropped a few wise words for ladies seeking long, peaceful relationships. Sharing her two cents on her Instagram page, the social media sensation pleaded with women to refrain from speaking about their past to their new partners.

This, according to Sandra, will only bring trouble into their relationships, explaining that most men will use such experiences against their partners or, in worst case scenario, take them through what they are trying to heal from.  

"Ladies, stop telling men your past. They are either going to use it against you or take you back through it. Let them continue from where they met you. If they want history, many universities offer the course," she advised.

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Giving more relationship counsel in a previous post, Sandra tasked women to bring more meaning and value to their relationships so as to create a growth environment for their significant other. Although her message irked a section of female online users, Sandra stated that it is only through intellect that a relationship is able to prosper in these modern times.

"Once you remove intimacy from a relationship you will discover that most of we ladies have nothing to offer. Ladies search your conscience and tell me what else you have to offer apart from intimacy. Remove money from a relationship and you will discover that most over 89% won't see a reason to be in a relationship.

"We want our men to take care of us but we add no value to their life other than intimacy and trouble. Lets change our mindset, lets learn to be valuable in a relationship. Let's pray for them when they are down. Motivate them to hustle harder! Give them a listening ear. Let's play a role of a mother in their life," she wrote.

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Being dumped

Having all the above qualities does not guarantee that you will find a good man who will strive to make you a better person. Speaking from experience, the bubbly actress opened up on being dumped by her military ex-boyfriend after he realized she was doing better than him financially.

"He came from the mission in Sudan, and he found the house full. He started questioning me like 'Is this money you earned from Auntie Boss?' He started saying in his Luhya clan, females in a relationship cannot buy bigger household items than the man. And that's how he left," she said.

Despite the break up, Sandra has kept her belief that true love exits and is looking to settle down with a man that is not only financially stable but one who focuses on her and is not jealous of her success.

"I want a man, whose relationship with money is fit. The second quality I look for in a man is someone who's is physically fit. I also want a man who fully focusses on me. Someone who asks about my ambition and aspirations. Sitaki mtuu amezubaa tu," she said during a previous interview with K24.