Azealia Banks engaged to artist Ryder Ripps.

Azealia Banks is engaged. The rapper, 29, took to Instagram to reveal she'd said yes to artist Ryder Ripps after he popped the question.

"I just got engaged," she captioned a snap of her hand with her new gold engagement ring.

Her ring had a menorah, a religious Jewish symbol, engraved on it and she told her fans: "I’m Jewish now. MAZEL TOV B*****S! WE IN HERE.... YERRRRRRR"

Ryder, 34, a conceptual artist, shared a similar image to his own Instagram page. Posting an image of his new fiancée's left hand, complete with jewellery, he captioned it simply by tagging.

The couple were inundated with well-wishes from their friends and followers after sharing the happy news.

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Azealia has made a lot of headlines lately for her unusual claims on social media, including telling fans that she was turning the bones of her dead cat into earrings. Earlier this year, she left her fans stunned when footage of her digging up her pet and then appearing to boil its bones emerged online.

She had then placed what seemed to be the skull of her deceased pet on an altar alongside several other objects, including a $100 bill and some perfume. Azealia said that she hoped to use the jaw bones of her cat to make a pair of earrings.

"After the peroxide bath, here is Lucifer's jaw," she told her fans.

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She then exclaimed: "Titanium cat jaw earcuffs with a slick arianny full lacewig pony... That's fashion."

She also recently claimed to have the skull of a six-year-old girl.

She made the outrageous statement during an appearance on Australian radio programme The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Appearing on video link, she spoke to the hosts and held up an item that appeared to be a human skull. Azealia went on to explain her fascination with bones and taxidermy.