World's fattest boy has shed more than half his weight.

The world's fattest boy has shed more than half his weight after having a gastric band fitted and following a tough diet and exercise regime. Arya Permana, now 14, has been showing off his new trimer figure after he managed to lose 17 stone (108kgs) by overhauling his lifestyle.

The teenager once tipped the scales at a hefty 30st 3lbs when he was 11 and was first thrust into the media limelight at the age of nine when he weighed more than 20st. The youngster, who lives in a small village in West Java, Indonesia, was so big he had to have a bath in a pool outside as he could not wash normally.

His morbid obesity had a heartbreaking effect on his health and wellbeing with him unable to go to school because he became breathless after walking just a few steps. His huge frame also meant he was unable to fit in any clothes so he spent his days wearing a sarong and gorging on junk food including his favourite instant noodles.

Arya Permana has lost 108kgs.

In the last three years he had the gastric band operation, changed his diet and started exercising to lose an impressive 231 pounds, The Sun reports. Gone are the days when Ayra could barely take a few steps as he now walks 3km a day, plays basketball and other sports.

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Thanks to his slimmed down figure he can also now climb trees and has enjoyed motorcycle rides for the first time. Ayra has also been able to go to school before it was closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The youngster used to gorge on enough food each day to feed two adults.

He said: “In 2015, I didn't expect all this was possible or I could lose weight. Now it's feels better, so different."

In addition to munching instant noodles Ayra also enjoyed guzzling cola and would typically eat enough food each day to fed two grown adults. His powerless mum Rokayah, 39 and her farmer husband Ade Somatri, 50, were so concerned about his health they forced him to go on a strict diet to control him from further bloating.

Dietitians made Ayra swap rice, fish curry, beef, vegetable soup and Tempeh- a traditional soy patty- in exchange for fruits and vegetables. Rather than sitting at home eating all day Ayra was ordered to walk every day as well as exercise and swim. But after he failed to lose enough weight.

He was forced to wear just a sarong as he couldn't fit in any clothes.

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Doctors went on to performed a bariatric surgery on Ayra after a harrowing video of him emerged. The operation helped him shed 38lbs in just three weeks.

Dr Handy Wing, the surgeon who performed the operation, said that they reduced the size of his stomach so he could not each so much and the result has enabled Ayra to 'live like other children and do normal activities'.

He explained: “We made a shape like a banana and his stomach was 30 per cent of the original size, which reduced his intake."

Doctors fitted Ayra with a gastric band.

Arya has heralded his new lifestyle, which includes changing his sleeping habits, for his incredible weight loss. He's also lost yards of excess skin.

He said: “In the past, from 2015 to 2016 I slept at 4 am and would wake up at 3 pm now I sleep at 10 pm."

The teenager now enjoys three healthy meals a day that include rice, tempeh, tofu and fried chicken after a gradual reduction of his meal portions to help him shed the pounds.