Wahu Kagwi.

Veteran Kenyan singer Wahu Kagwi has refuted claims she is back to singing secular music after releasing a love song dubbed This Love Ya Wahu. Speaking during an interview with radio presenter Mwende Macharia on Radio Maisha, the talented singer turned businesswoman stated that she is still in Christ. Despite being in the secular music industry for several years, Wahu said she has always been born again.

“I have always been born again. What happened in 2016 is that I rededicated my life. Meaning I just decided, let me now be more intentional bout my journey as a Christian, getting to know truly what the Bible is, and just being more intentional. That’s what happened,” she said.

Responding to claims that she is slowly drifting back to secular music, Wahu explained that she is still a gospel singer who feels like singing about love.  


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“I’m still here with my Jesus. If people see the song and start assuming that I am back sliding, it’s okay. Anybody can think whatever, I don’t really care much but for me I’m all about creating positive content, happy content.

“I have seen people asking what is going on and I’m like you know what, I still love Jesus, I want to sing about love, sometimes I want to do worship, sometime I want to sing about love…. I mean I have been married for 15 years wouldn’t it be wrong for me to sing about my journey?” she said.

Finding a middle ground 

According to Wahu’s husband Nameless, both have had to compromise some things to reach an understanding when it comes to their faith.

“One thing I can say about marriage is people are different, their perspective in life is different. You can’t find someone who is exactly the same as you. I have realized the way you handle each other is also different with that consideration in mind.

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“So I personally have a different understanding of how I view God and so does she depending on how she is brought up. We often debate about it because we have to find a middle ground and understand why the other person views life as they do. In that case there is no way you are going to be with someone you are going to agree on everything with, exactly as you see it,” he said.

The couple attributed their zero drama life to their reclusive nature and ability to keep their personal matters to themselves.

“I feel that our nature, Nameless and I we are two very introverted individuals. Because of that people will not see us out there so much. I don’t know, I think that helps to an extent. But we really try as much as possible to keep our personal home matters at home and business matters to remind business,” said Wahu.

“I really appreciate the love and support we get from people. I only see positive vibes. But I feel this as a result of how we live our life. We try as much as possible to throw possible vibes and we don’t look for things that will make us get into a compromising a situation,” added Nameless.