Some of us fear DIY, others relish it. But it is safe to say that for most of us it is always best to get a professional in. With odd jobs around the house, there is always the desire to do it yourself and save a bit of dough. But, as impressive a do-it-yourself attitude can be, it is not so admirable when a homeowner finds themselves out of their depth, making the issue worse and often resulting in an even bigger cost when a professional comes to not only do the job - but to first fix your errors, too.

No, your eyes do not deceive you- that is a toilet in the kitchen. Photo: Bored Panda / Puchkovpetr.

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For example, surely the kitchen, where you prepare food, would be the worst place for this loo? This picture, above, shows a bizarre flat which has a squat toilet in its kitchen, right next to the hobs. Your aim had better be good, that's all we are saying...

Meanwhile we're not entirely sure how comfortable this toilet would be, or how you would manage to put the toilet seat down before flushing, in all politeness.

That toilet seat lid is definitely staying up. Photo: typical.rykozhop/Instagram.
Who doesn't need more trip hazards in their kitchen? Photo: typical.rykozhop/Instagram.

We are sure whoever put this diagonal wooden beam right in the middle of the walking space in this kitchen felt they were doing it for a reason, but we are skeptical that it was a good one. Imagine coming home after a night out when you have had a few. That is quite the obstacle to your progress to the fridge, unless you enjoy falling face first into the oven door.

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Who wants to be doing their back in while sitting on the toilet? Photo: typical.rykozhop/Instagram.

Meanwhile, you may find yourself having to adopt an unusual position while doing your business, given this cistern's position relative to the loo. Who wants to be doing their back in while sitting on the toilet? This designer should probably think again.

Not-so-helpful window placement. Photo: typical.rykozhop/Instagram.

How would you go about opening this window, several feet above anywhere your feet would be likely to be planted?

Down a long corridor... is this toilet. Photo: typical.rykozhop/Instagram.

This toilet may even seem like a mirage, as its image stretches out into the distance... You had better make sure you have a strong bladder if you want to make it all the way down this tiny corridor to the loo. But at least you can guarantee you won't be disturbed while you attempt to go in peace, as it would take any intruders about ten minutes to make the journey.