The boy, she argued, claimed to have been bullied and sexually harassed by some students.

A parent has sued Brookhouse School for expelling her son from the institution over a fight with his classmates. The parent wants the court to compel the Board of Directors of Brookhouse Schools to readmit her son arguing that he was discriminated against because the other children he is alleged to have fought with were not punished. Through her lawyer Musyoki Mogaka, she argued that it is unconstitutional to deny her son the right to education while his peers are going on with their studies since he was suspended in January last year.

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“The school continues to violate her child’s fundamental rights and unapologetically operate under unfair administrative actions that expose the parents to potential abuse through their unilateral decisions,” said Mogaka.

Mogaka argued that locking the child out of school violates his right to attend a school of his choice over allegations of a fight that has not been proved. The parent’s petition comes at a time when cases of indiscipline in schools have been on the rise across the country, with experts blaming the extended stay at home due to Covid-19 as a major cause of the incidents.

The parent in her affidavit stated that she was asked to visit the school in January last year on account that her son had broken the school rules but was denied audience by the school’s director and instead directed to meet the deputy principal who was handling the disciplinary case. She claims she was not given a full hearing and facts regarding the alleged incident which made her son be suspended were mentioned in passing.

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She said her son was at first suspended indefinitely but she received an expulsion letter a few days later without any explanation and evidence to support the claims that her son was indiscipline. The boy, she argued, claimed to have been bullied and sexually harassed by some students.