A source told TMZ that the incident began when father-of-one Trey Songz was hassled by fans.

US rapper Trey Songz was arrested on Sunday after a physical fight with a police office at a sports game. The 36-year-old was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, resisting arrest and for assaulting a police officer according to the website TMZ, which shared footage of the incident. In the footage the singer-songwriter can be seen struggling with an officer who is stood facing him as Trey sits in his seat facing the pitch at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

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During the scuffle Trey then apparently gets the officer in a headlock and can be seen to throw a punch in the direction of the officer’s head. The officer then succeeds in pinning him to his seat before further officers and security guards arrive. Fans can be heard shouting at the officer to stop as they record the incident from a few rows behind, while Trey is heard to shout "get off me".

During the footage one person shouts "Get off of him", another yells "What the f***, he didn't do it" and a third calls out "Arrest the cop."

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A source told TMZ that the incident began when the father-of-one, born Tremaine Aldon Neverson, was hassled by fans as he watched the American football game. While the footage does not record the start of the incident, the officer is said to have approached when Trey asked them to "chill out".