The burglars broke into a home, stole household items before cooking themselves a meal of ugali and meat.

In a bizarre case, police in Nyamira County are hunting for burglars who broke into a home, stole household items and cooked themselves a meal. According to reports, the gang prepared a meal of ugali, meat and thanked the family for their cooperation. They then proceeded to make away with the loot.

Police reports indicate the incident occurred on the night on January 5 at Bomondo village after the gang ambushed Stephen Gichana as he waited for the gate to his house to be opened. Members of the gang who were dressed in police uniform hit him in the head with a blunt object and ordered him to have the gate opened.

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Once inside, they proceeded to tie up Gichana, his wife and son before looting valuable household items. After committing the crime, they then headed for the kitchen where they retrieved meat from the fridge, cooked it and served it with ugali. After two hours in the premises, the gang thanked the family for cooperating and made away into the night.


Victor Oluoch Those are the skills everyone should possess in any profession "dynamic, self-motivated and can work fast with minimal supervision".

James Mbugua That’s what police advice, when you see gangster in your home please cooperate with them and they will not harm you.

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