Matatu and boda boda operators to relocate from City Centre.

Matatu and boda boda operators in Nairobi’s city centre have committed to relocate to the various termini coming up in different corners of the city as soon as they are complete. Through their Matatu and Boda-Boda Operators Federation, they said they had a deal with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) to ensure the relocation takes place after everything has been put in place.

“The agreement that we had with Major General Badi was that changes will only take place after construction is fully completed,” Chairman Kushian Muchiri said.

He added: “We are fully aware of the postponements and the plans. And it is because we do not want people to suffer in the end. We want the transition to be smooth.”

Boda boda operators during a protest at City Hall (Photo/File)

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NMS has been working with the National Transport and Safety Authority on a strategy to decongest the central business district by setting in motion plans to relocate matatus from the city centre.

Early this month NMS Spokesperson Rose Gakuo said the plan, which has now been set for 2021, would see matatus plying Ngong and Lang’ata roads terminate their journey at the Green Park Bus terminus, also known as Railways Club.

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PSVs from Mt Kenya and those from the Thika Superhighway will drop and pick passengers at Desai and Park Road termini in Ngara. They have initially been terminating at Tea Room. On the other hand, the Muthurwa terminus is expected to remain, as it serves PSVs from Jogoo and Lusaka roads.

PSVs from Mombasa Road will terminate at another new terminus at the junction of Bunyala and Workshop roads, whereas matatus using Waiyaki Way, Uhuru Highway, Kipande and Limuru roads will end at Fig Tree terminus in Ngara.