"Nobody knows as a single mom you are full of regrets, bad days where you almost feel you hate your child." Photo: Courtesy.

Popular Kenyan socialite and actress Bridget Achieng has opened up on her lows on being a single parent. Sharing her experience with her fans on Instagram, the former Nairobi Diaries actress who was abandoned by the father of her son while still pregnant explained that raising her child has had its fair share of challenges.

“Anybody who has followed my journey, it’s been a rough one. It’s been a depressing one. Not many people would understand what it is being a single mom, facing rejection and judgment. Nobody knows as a single mom you are full of regrets, bad days where you almost feel you hate your child, days when you wish you had somebody, just anybody who would take your son just for a day for you to breath.

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“Days when it’s hard to wake up, hard to even shower, hard to even remove makeup before bed, hard to even enjoy your beautiful home and clothes. Nobody knows the struggle of dealing with weight gain after childbirth especially when you take drugs that make you add weight because of hormonal imbalance amid the fight to put up a brave face,” she wrote.

Despite the challenges, Bridget explained that she has done everything in her power to remain strong and anchored for the sake of her child but admits to allowing herself certain pleasures to help her ease her mind.

“I keep fighting, I keep going, I feel the pain, I own the process, I fight on, I don’t seek approval from people who don’t know my journey. I keep the smile and cry whenever I have to, I drink silly when I want to, I smoke shisha at home with my son there, it’s still okay. I get judged by women who don’t have their sh** together. They can barely be heard but use my name and lies to get fame so sad, lying up and down. If they don’t talk about me they won’t be heard or be relevant,” she added.

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The vocal social media sensation admitted to being misunderstood by a majority of people who confuse her actions for what they are not. She, however, hopes they will soon see her for who she is.

“Sometimes I feel lost. Sometimes I get misunderstood, sometimes I doubt myself because it’s part of the process. But in the end, it will all be worth it. In the end, I know they will gather to listen to my success story. God above all. All in all, we move. I won’t accept anyone to bring me down,” she concluded.