Snoop and Wiz [Photo: Courtesy]

Mike Tyson fans were perplexed, underwhelmed and annoyed when they tuned in to his pay per view fight against Roy Jones Jr for find rap superstars performing instead. Fight fans stumped up $50 USD (£38) to watch the 54-year-old heavyweight boxing legend take on 51-year-old Roy in a comeback fight on Saturday night.

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However, the fight - which ended in a draw - was preceded by music stars including Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa performing. Many fans took to social media to say the slick beats of the musicians was not what they paid for - and were left hungry for the fight to start. One grumpy fan took to Twitter and complain: "I thought I ordered a fight, not a concert."

Another echoed the sentiment, tweeting: "I didn’t tune into the Tyson fight to watch Wiz Khalifa perform his greatest hits." Another fight fan added: "I clicked the link to watch the Mike Tyson fight and a Wiz Khalifa concert was going on?" A further boxing enthusiast wrote: "I thought this was a Tyson fight. I don’t want to watch a Wiz Khalifa concert. No offence Wiz."

And another tweeted: "Pretty upset I paid $50 to watch Mike Tyson fight and instead I’m watching French Montana perform." Snoop Dogg was not just performing on the night – as he also provided commentary on the fight.  Many were thrilled by the 49-year-old’s sharp-witted remarks about the fighting – with Hollywood star Michael B Jordan commenting via Twitter: “@SnoopDogg commentary on #tysonvsones is 100”.

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While many others remarked that the rap legend was the true winner of the night.