Ronaldo and Diego Maradona had a close relationship [Photo: Tass/PA Images]

Brazilian legend Ronaldo has spoken emotionally about his relationship with Diego Maradona following the Argentine's death last week at the age of 60. Tributes have been pouring in from the world of football following the sad news, with high-profile figures around the globe paying their respects.

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Ronaldo, who is now president of Spanish club Real Valladolid, spoke candidly about Maradona at a press conference on Tuesday, and it seems the two were extremely close. He said: "Diego left an incredible legacy in football. His loss is very hard to take. The news caught me by surprise and left me very sad. "I want to send my love to his family. He changed the lives of many people and I will always be eternally grateful for the inspiration he provided me."

Diego Maradona wore two watches [Photo: Courtesy]

Ronaldo also told an anecdote about Maradona which explained why he took to wearing two watches, one on each wrist."One of the first times he came to visit me in Madrid we had dinner," Ronaldo added.

Ronaldo and Diego Maradona in Switzerland [Photo: Courtesy]

"Diego brought two watches and the legend went that he did not go anywhere without them both. I asked him why he wore two, and he said that his daughter had given them to him as a present and since then he had never taken them off. At the end of the meal, he took one off and gave it to me as a gift. I didn't want to accept it, but he got angry and I was left with no choice. I will look after it for the rest of my life as a reminder of his generosity and friendship."

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Maradona was laid to rest in Buenos Aires on Friday, but there is controversy surrounding his death as police searched his physician's home to try to establish whether he had been the victim of medical negligence.