Bruce Lee [Photo: Courtesy]

Incredible footage restored by an avid Bruce Lee fan claims to show the legendary martial artist's only competitive fight in history. The clip - published for the first time in 2017 - shows Lee dressed in black combat attire stood opposite his rival as they prepare to battle in front of a huge crowd.

Spectators eagerly look on armed with cameras

"This is the only recording of Bruce Lee in a real MMA fight," the video's YouTube description reads. He's fighting Ted Wong here, one of his top students. They are wearing protective gear because they were NOT ALLOWED to fight without them. Those were the state rules at the time. If not for those rules I can guarantee you that Bruce would have fought bare-knuckled. The footage is restored to 4K resolution. Enjoy."

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Ted Wong was a martial arts practitioner who was best known for studying under Lee. He was born in Hong Kong in 1937 and died in 2010 aged 73. In the video, Lee manages to keep his opponent just out of range with some nimble footwork before suddenly striking with a punch to the body. Later in the clip, he counters another right-hook with a devastating two-punch combo to the chin.

Punches are thrown in the exciting face-off

Viewers were captivated by the rare clip, which has already racked up more than 15 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube. "Bruce is so calm in this fight but still wins - what a legend," one user wrote.

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