The couple are planning to build a huge lake on their property [Photo: davidbeckham/Instagram]

Victoria and David Beckham have faced even more setbacks over plans to build an enormous lake at their Cotswold home. The celebrity power-couple were finally given planning permission to start work on the huge project earlier this year despite being initially denied.

However, the couple has allegedly submitted plans to make the lake even bigger and local residents have once again raised concerns. A resident has reached out to West Oxfordshire District Council in an attempt to put a halt to the new lake amid reads of flooding.

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According to The Sun, the complaint also raises concern with motorboats zooming across the lake and there being 'shattered peace'. "I must object in the strongest terms to this new proposal. I was an objector to the original plan and my concerns were ignored," the complaint stated, according to The Sun.

The lake on the property [Photo: Courtesy]

"I feel that his plan to enlarge the lake could increase the chances of flooding in the area considerably. Also, the lake looks just too large for the area it sits in. They also raised fears that the tranquil area will be brimming with motorboats. It is out of keeping with the area and what is planned next? Motorboats zooming up and down and shattering the peace? it is just not on and should not be allowed."

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Posh and Becks already faced setbacks earlier this year when local residents opposed their initial project. However, the local council eventually gave the Beckhams permission and building work is now underway. New proposals include plans to expand the kidney-shaped lake from 2976 sq metres to 4,170 sq metres. The couple also hopes to include a central island in the middle of the lake.


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