Nicki Minaj slams Grammy Awards. (Courtesy)

Nicki Minaj is not happy with the Grammy Awards. The rapper, 37, had some things to say as she fumed over losing out to singer Bon Iver in 2012 for Best New Artist. Nicki slammed the Recording Academy for giving the gong to a "white man" as she listed reasons for why she was worthy of winning that year.

Taking to Twitter, Nicki - who recently welcomed her first child - penned: "Never forget the Grammys didn’t give me my best new artist award when I had 7 songs simultaneously charting on billboard & bigger first week than any female rapper in the last decade- went on to inspire a generation.

"They gave it to the white man Bon Iver. #PinkFriday." Bon Iver is an indie musician best known for his debut album For Emma, Forever Ago, which he released in 2007.

Nicki - who was absent from the 2021 nominations list - couldn't fathom how he emerged victorious from that category that year, which included nominees Skrillex, J. Cole and The Band Perry. Nicki said that she "inspired a generation" with her hit tracks from album Pink Friday, and the follow-up deluxe version Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

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Singles like Moment 4 Life, Starships, Check It Out, Pound The Alarm, and Super Bass, dominated the charts consistently at the time since their release. But it seems as though Nicki will have to wait at least another year until she can get her hands on a Grammy gong, as after being nominated a whopping 10 times, she's still yet to win.

And Justin Bieber proved he's unhappy with the Recording Academy's decision to nominate him for Pop categories. Taking to Instagram, the singer wrote: "To the Grammys I am flattered to be acknowledged and appreciated for my artistry. I am very meticulous and intentional about my music. With that being said I set out to make an R&B album. Changes was and is an R&B album."

Justin Bieber. (Courtesy)

He went on: "It is not being acknowledged as an R&B album which is very strange to me. I grew up admiring R&B music and wished to make a project that would embody that sound. For this not to be put into that category feels weird considering from the chords to the melodies to the vocal style all the way down to the hip hop drums that were chosen it is undeniably, unmistakably an R&B Album! To be clear I absolutely love Pop music it just wasn't what I set out to make this time around. My gratitude for feeling respected for my work remains and I am honoured to be nominated either way."

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The Weeknd also hit out at The Grammys following last night's nominations announcement. The singer called the Grammys "corrupt" after he was snubbed following a hugely successful year. Taking to social media, the, 30-year-old wrote to organisers: "The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency..."

The Weeknd. (Courtesy)

The Grammy Awards are set to take place January 31st with comedian Trevor Noah hosting.