The pope's Instagram account appeared to 'like' the image. Photo: Reuters.

The Pope's Instagram account looks to have liked a scantily-clad bikini model's image which shows her in suspenders while appearing to put books into a school locker. Natalia Garibotto, who has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, posted the shot of her wearing a barely-there red tartan skirt and a white crop top to the social media site. But one of the Brazilian model's legions of fans spotted a "like" from an unusual source.

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The screengrab appears to show the Pontiff's official Instagram account @franciscus liking the image - although it is not clear if this is a fake account. The post however no longer appears to have a "like" from the account.

The post appears to have a like. Photo: Instagram.

The 27-year-old model appeared impressed to have a fan in high places and she is reported to have said: "at least I'm going to heaven" after the screenshot was widely shared. The "like" got mixed responses with some shocked by it, while another joked: "Now that's my kind of Pope".

Natalia appeared to be enjoying her claim to fame and tweeted a new picture, wearing the same outfit, but draped over a desk. She captioned the new image, which gained more than 140,000 likes: "On this very day I was blessed, you could be too."