A three-year-old pet cat squared up to a four-tonne elephant and sent him fleeing. Photo:ViralPress/ SWNS.

Incredible pictures have emerged of the moment a four-tonne elephant is chased away by a pet cat. The 35-year-old elephant known as Pai Salick, can be seen wandering into the garden of the cat's owner before he is confronted by the three-year-old kitty, named Simba. Far from escaping the enormous beast - which is capable of killing a human with a single step - the cat is seen squaring up to him. Frightened by the feline's apparent unwavering resolve to guard his owner's garden, Pai is captured turning around and fleeing empty-trunked. Residents said the elephant is a "nuisance" known for trampling on people's gardens in search of food.

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Local park ranger Amnat Norasin said: ''The elephant lives in the forest but he often walks around the homes at night to look for food. People know who he is. The house owner said his cat is aggressive and doesn't like other animals entering his territory.''

The elephant is known by locals for trampling onto people's garden in search for food. Photo:ViralPress/ SWNS.

An estimated 2,000 elephants are living in the wild in Thailand and a similar number in captivity. In the wild, they roam through the deep jungle and in the country's protected national parks. However, there is a conflict when they come in contact with humans who also use the area of farming and gathering food. Elephants are a protected animal in Thailand and killing them carries a maximum prison term of up to three years.

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Pai Salick usually lives in the forest but approaches locals' homes in search for food at night. Photo:ViralPress/ SWNS.