Officers opted to teach the boys a lesson [Photo: ViralPress]

Two teenagers had their eyebrows shaved off by police officers as punishment for an alleged parking fees scam. Video footage shows the two boys having their brows lopped off by a razer after they reportedly admitted to extorting money from motorists in Indonesia.

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The pair are said to have been ordering charges from tourists on a road overlooking the Losari Beach in South Sulawesi province on October 31. And when the police got involved, rather than take them to a police station they decided to teach the boys a strange lesson.

The pair allegedly admitted to a parking scam [Photo: ViralPress]

One tourist had called the police after refusing the teens' demands, who are said to have also threatened him. Officers eventually found the alleged culprits and they are reported to have admitted to the scam and apologised in front of the motorist.

Iman Hud, Makassar public order chief Back in Makassar, said the punishment was supposed to "discourage" them from further wrongdoing. "The punishment serves as a light sanction so that they do not repeat their actions," he said, adding beach parking fees were scrapped in 2015 to help tourism. The two young men forced the owner of the vehicle to pay the parking fees. They even dared to threaten them," he said.

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The footage shows the bewildered kids looking a little distressed as an officer in a face mask uses a razor. Odd punishments may seem a thing of the past, but there are still plenty of examples in recent years.

In Ohio, US, a woman was reportedly ordered to spend a night in the woods after abandoning 35 kittens in a park. She was also given the choice of jail, house arrest or a large charitable donation, but opted to stay overnight in the woods with just the clothes on her back.

Officers at the beach after the incident [Photo: ViralPress]

The same judge had reportedly also ordered a man to stand on a street corner with a pig and a sign saying "This is not a police officer" after calling some officers pigs.