Huddah Monroe. (Courtesy/Instagram)

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe was recently forced to address claims that her makeup company, Huddah Cosmetics, sells counterfeit makeup products containing harmful components. Taking to social media, the businesswoman who termed the claims as 'hate' explained that she is more than willing to foot all of her customers' medical bills if her make up products caused an adverse reaction on their skin.  

According to Huddah, the unfounded claim was a tactic her haters are using to destroy her brand name for their malicious benefits. Because of this, she warned anyone found using her brand name to feign illness, asserting that she would have no choice but to take legal action against them.

"If you are going to hate on me and what I put out at least have back up! For example if you say Huddah Cosmetics has affected you in any way, I will send you a doctor. You will get tests done, everything paid by me. If it's not Huddah Cosmetics that affected you, you are in for a court case and the payment is all your life savings! You think starting a business is a joke for you to just air b*llsh*t out of hate?" she wrote.

The Dubai based Kenyan socialite maintained that the allegations tabled against her company were baseless and revealed that her efforts to reach out to the affected customers hit a dead end after they refused to send proof of their claims.

"I don't joke with these b*tches! When I ask them to send a screenshot of what they bought and where it has affected them, they run! Because the only thing they can afford is hate. Bad energy stay far away. Y'all motivate me to go further, not to STOP," added Huddah.

Huddah Monroe. (Courtesy/ Instagram)

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Don't buy my products

However, this is not the first time the vocal social media sensation has had to fight 'haters' trying to bring down her company. A few months ago, a section of online users threatened to boycott Huddah Cosmetics products after the socialite reposted a naked picture of American singer Melissa Viviane Jefferson, aka Lizzo, on Instagram and dismissed her as obese. The unapologetic Huddah Cosmetics CEO backed up her sentiments by cautioning netizens against glorifying unhealthy living.

"People love being lied to. I'm not your liar. And most of you will still buy the healthy product we are about to launch low key coz you are not okay with how you look that's why you are so mad and offended at my comments. Otherwise you should be happy.

"And stop thinking coz I post cosmetics that's my daily bread! That's for your nosy asses to see online. I have many businesses. If cosmetics was feeding me and buying me houses, it would be so affordable! I barely make any profits out of it coz I wanna make skinny and fat women look good. Si lazima ununue," she wrote.