A clip of CNN's John King and his election map has been causing much hilarity on social media [Image: CNN]

As the US election results continue to rumble on, viewers have been finding something to laugh at in a clip of a CNN journalist being seemingly trolled by PornHub in a hilarious clip. The now-viral footage sees CNN's Chief Political correspondent John King talking through the Republican-Democrat divide in Georgia when PornHub’s logo floats into view on the virtual election map.

A nonplussed King appears to swiftly flick the sign out of the way with his hand before continuing to read from his card. As soon as the footage made its way to Twitter the post was quickly shared by tens of thousands of shocked and amused viewers. "It is the highlight of the election and the whole world is here for John King’s reaction," declared one.

"The sideways glance rocks but it's the pocket fumbling that finishes me," responded another. "After all his stellar work this week, John King's Porn Hub moment may be the GIF he is remembered for," mused a third. "Is this legit!?" asked another, to which someone replied: "About as legit as the polling process," making light of Donald Trump's recent allegations.

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The chief correspondent appears to swiftly move the adult website logo off screen [Image: CNN]

But despite the clip causing much excitement, PornHub's apparent crashing of the broadcast was later revealed to be a hoax. CNN's John King has been attracting a lot of attention this week with viewers praising his relentless coverage of the election. On Thursday King admitted he had slept just six hours in three days as he continued to lead the channel's updates on the epic political battle.

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"I’ve been on air 12-14 hours both Tuesday and Wednesday,” King told the Los Angeles Times Thursday in a statement. “Tuesday night I got 2.5 hours sleep; Wednesday night 4. Happy to do as much as I can. This is an amazing and consequential story. More so because of the pandemic and its impact on everything.” Three days after the polls closed, Trump, Biden and their supporters are still waiting for an official announcement. Results are slowly starting to trickle in from the state of Georgia, where Biden took a thin lead over his rival.