Kanye West [Photo: Courtesy]

Kanye West’s ill-fated bid to become the 46th President of the United States cost him an eye-watering Sh1.3billion. The rapper - who is married to Kim Kardashian - was left with no choice but to throw in the towel after he received just 60,000 votes.

Despite his unsuccessful run for president alongside candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Kanye has already vowed to return to the race in 2024. Kanye had amassed 60,000 votes from the American people, according preliminary tallies across the country. However, the Yeezy designer failed to make a large enough dent in any of the election races and has since admitted defeat.

But his loss comes as an even bigger blow considering how much cash was poured into his woeful campaign. According to official paperwork, the I Am A God rapper now has £9million less to his name than he did before running for president, reports The Sun. The astounding amount of money breaks down to nearly £150 for each of the approximately 60,000 votes - which spanned across just 12 states out of 50.

His most successful voter turnout was in Tennessee, where Kanye's name was written down on a ballot paper 10,258 times. The state was eventually won by Republican incumbent Trump. In Colorado, Kanye also won 6,210 votes but the state eventually went to Biden. Kanye even snapped up a photo of his ballot paper in Wyoming, where he not so humbly voted for himself.

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He wrote: "God is so good. Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it's for someone I truly trust...me." And after seeing that there's no way he can win this year's race, Kanye defiantly returned to his beloved Twitter account as he vowed to run again in 2024. Not pleased with the results, he wrote: "WELP KANYE 2024."

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His defeated presidential bid follows on from months of erratic campaigning as well as failed attempts to land his name on the ticket in several US states. After missing several key deadlines, Kanye had urged fans to write him in for president on the ballots.