Aside from slightly gaining weight, Njugush's forearms and chest have increased in size.

Comedian and actor Timothy Kimani alias Njugush will soon shed the slender tag, months after he started hitting the gym. The father of one often makes fun of his ‘1 GB’ frame in comedy skits but this might be a thing of the past. While jokingly scoffing at those making fun of his light build, Njugush wrote in March 2020, “Walionichekaaa! Body under construction... You better subscribe to my YouTube channel... This will be televised!”

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Ever since he announced that he’d embarked on a fitness journey, Njugush’s physique has transformed. Aside from slightly gaining weight, his forearms and chest have increased in size.

Lack of appetite

Previously speaking about his weight, the comedian’s wife Celestine ‘Wakavinye’ Ndinda said people often ask whether she cooks for him saying, “This guy doesn´t grow fat. Everywhere we go people are like, ‘you don´t cook for your husband?’ But this guy does not eat. I cook, he doesn´t eat. He has no appetite. You see, everyone blames me.”

The lack of appetite prompted Njugush to hit the gym and he admitted to adding weight, “I went to the gym and added 5kgs. I realized it’s what you feel in the inside, you start having an appetite.”

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However, Njugush isn’t the only comedian to gain weight as Eric Omondi has also bulked up on muscles in recent times. But that’s a story for another day. Check out before and after photos of Njugush: