Mariah Carey [Photo: Courtesy]

Mariah Carey is already feeling festive. The All I Want for Christmas Is You hitmaker, 50, rang in the festive season just hours after Halloween was over, and urged fans to do the same. Taking to her social media platforms, the queen of Christmas shared a lighthearted clip with fans that showed a spooky masked mystery man forcing his way into her room.

Her door - which saw the phrases "not yet' and 'it's time' plastered on it - was swung open by the stranger, who found Mariah sitting in a room that was naturally decked out in festive cheer. Staring at her watch, Mariah shouted: "It’s time!" as the iconic intro to her festive jam started to play.

As full-on festive cheer hits fans, Mariah makes a point of not getting carried away just yet, adding: "(But let’s get through Thanksgiving first)." But it seems as though fans are already feeling merry and are in need of some serious Christmas joy following a year from hell.

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Mariah's Christmas song has already re-entered op 100 on US iTunes Songs chart - proving that fans have shifted their focus on the festive season. It comes as one fan took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the Google Trends list for Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You - showing that the curve began to shoot upwards, despite it only being November.

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But Mariah was quick to shut that excitement down, responding with "Not yet," as she waited for Halloween to make a shift exit.