Ariana Grande 'madly in love' with boyfriend Dalton. (Courtesy)

Ariana Grande is in love and she doesn't care who knows it. The Positions singer, 27, is reportedly "madly in love" with boyfriend Dalton Gomez after striking up a romance with him seven months ago. Ariana revealed she was dating the handsome estate agent back in May after they were introduced by mutual friends. And it seems as though it's going from strength to strength.

An insider told E! News: "Ariana is still madly in love with Dalton and is head over heels. It's a very healthy relationship. They love to be 'normal' and Ari loves that he is very down to earth. He balances her out from the crazy industry she is in. They spend a lot of time hanging out at her house being low-key."

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The source added: "Ariana's new album was definitely inspired by her current feelings and relationship. She is in love and definitely wanted to express it on the new album. She wanted it to be very flirty and somewhat sexual. She's truly in a great place and is doing well."

In fact, Ariana's relationship seems to be going so well that she couldn't help but spill on her raunchy sex life with Dalton in her new album. Ariana bares all about their bedroom antics in her sexually-liberated new record. Bragging about her sexual prowess, Ariana goes into explicit detail about all-night romps and waking up her neighbours on a number of tracks.

Ariana Grande 'madly in love' with boyfriend Dalton. (Courtesy)

The chorus to 34+35, sees Ariana urging: "Can you stay up all night? F  ***  me till the daylight?” Another steamy section contains the sexually suggestive lyrics: “Watching movies but we ain’t seen a thing tonight. “I don’t want to keep you up, but show me can you keep it up? Cos then I’ll have to keep you up.” In a third verse she brags: "Got the neighbours yelling ‘Earthquake!’. 1.5 when I make the bed shake."

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While Ariana has not yet been with Dalton, 27, a year, she admits on the record she wants to have his children. "You might think I’m crazy, the way I’ve been craving. If I put it quite plainly, just give me them babies,” she begs. On song Nasty, she tells her lover: "Promise I’ma give it to you like you’ve never had it, I do it so good. It’s gon’ be hard to break the habit."

She also calls her new boyfriend 'The One' and admits she feared she would be alone forever before he came into her life. The mood appears very different from that of her last album Thank U, Next which came after the demise of her engagement to US comedian Pete Davidson.

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