Kenyan rappers Khaligraph Jones and Prezzo.

A section of Netizens is over the moon after Rapper Khaligraph Jones recently insinuated a potential comeback to the industry for veteran rapper Prezzo, who has been on a hiatus. This was after the father of two took to his Instagram account and shared a video of Prezzo rapping to his Yes Bana song. “Game recognizes game, now it’s time to Bring the President Back on some Boss Vibes, Meanwhile Kwenda Still Banging @prezzo254,” he captioned the video.

Their fans quickly picked it up and started urging Prezzo to come back to the industry as a section of them reminisced on the good old days when Prezzo would produce a hit song after the other. A random user identified as @feronandmramba narrated how they used to sneak out back in the day to listen to Prezzo as he performed live. “@prezzo254 you just have to come back we miss back here in Malindi ???????? wazazi walituchapa sana eti tustoke kwenda video hall lakini pindi tukiskia,” they narrated in part.  On the other hand, @wakari urged the two to do a collabo very soon, “Y’all should drop something together. Prezzo always winning. The Big Boss and the OG ????,” Wakari shared.

Khaligraph Jones

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This comes just a few months after Prezzo revealed how he was once shot in the head by a group of gunmen. In an interview on his YouTube channel, Prezzo said on that fateful day he had just left his mother’s place after gifting her some beautiful flower vases for Mother’s Day. Before he and a buddy of his who had accompanied him left the house, his mother prayed with him and asked God to protect him.

“We saw this car coming, and we went to the side to let it pass, but the car hit us on the back. I came out fuming, and the driver came out apologizing. Kumbe they were thugs. Four guys came out with guns and pushed us to the back of our car,” Prezzo said.


The thugs drove from Kileleshwa, where the incident happened to town while beating Prezzo with the butt of the gun, even as he tried negotiating with them. “I had already removed my jewelry, and I told them it cost Sh 3 million. I told them my phone was worth $5000 because I am trying to get myself out of the situation,” Prezzo narrated.

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However, one of his captors turned around and shot him straight to the head. “I don’t know if you can see it (pointing to the scar at the top of his scalp), but luckily God wasn’t done with me yet because there is no way you can miss a shot at that close range. You know when you shoot, there is a kick and so that kick cut my skin… so my skin was open,” he recalled.