Elodie [Photo: Instagram @elodiezone]

Popular YouTuber Elodie Zone is extricating herself from her circle, cultivating self-awareness and embracing solitude. “The past two months I’ve found myself detaching slowly. I’ve stopped picking up my phone, moved far away from everyone I know, and prefer to be by myself. Though that may sound depressing, I find it calming to be in solitude. Many around me have taken offence to my ‘sudden disappearance’ but being alone is teaching me more about myself,” she stated. 

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According to the widely travelled vlogger, solitude offers a clinical way of knowing and being with self. “When you take a step back from everyone and everything you know you will figure out what inspires you. You will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity. Eventually, you’ll begin to meet new people and gain new opportunities - and you’ll be sure of everything because you are sure of yourself,” she added.

Elodie [Photo: Instagram @elodiezone]

Exploring the gift of detachment further, Elodie noted that it builds inner growth, an avenue to clear mental chatter and provide answers to life’s motions. “Sometimes bad things keep happening to you over and over again. Perhaps you keep getting into similar financial debt. Maybe anytime you meet that ‘special someone’ it ends up being a failed relationship. Negative interactions at work could keep popping back up.”

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Adding: “In life, if you notice something bad occurring repetitively, it’s because there’s a lesson you need to learn and something you have to change. Without learning that lesson you can’t improve or get anything better in life. Learn to detach and look at such things from a neutral point of view in order to better your situation and live positively. I know it may be hard to do so in the beginning, but no good thing is supposed to be easy to attain. Trust me, the future you will thank yourself.”