'Mr Ibu' [Photo: Courtesy]

Nollywood actor John Ikechukwu Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has recounted a remarkable claim of being poisoned in a sickening plot weaved by jealous kin and executed by conniving staff.

Opening up about the incident in an interview with Nigizie TV following the near-fatal poisoning, Mr Ibu narrated how the masterminds from Enugu, southeastern Nigeria, paid off the would-be killers who in their first attempt lured him to Anambra State where they forcefully tried to make him ingest poison.

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"I nor dey take alcohol and people go say the belle is big. All the food when I dey chop na small small food na since they give me that poison. I don dey take medicine so the thing don dey come down now I don dey see my legs. Before I no dey see my legs," said the award-winning comedian.

Adding: "They took me to Nnewi, saying we had a show. They held me there and beat me up. They beat me and then inserted poison in my mouth and ran away, leaving me there. It was my boys and dancers that came and carried me home. It was in Enugu that I woke up. God said no, you are not going yet."

Unsuccessful in Enugu but undone, they tried again and left him for dead twice in his office. "Here in my office, they brought the first poison, I took it. I was falling around and nobody came to ask. Even the workers did not enter here even though they were hearing me fall around. I vomited something in my bathroom. They gave me the second one. The people that gave me are the people working with me,” he said. "I swallowed another one unknowingly because I never suspected them until when God opened my eyes. They paid them and gave them enough money to make sure they eliminate me. All these plans are from Enugu, my townspeople, and age grades that are surprised that I can own some things, build some houses, buy a house in Lagos. They asked them to go and kill me."

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Mr Ibu went on to note that there is a need for vigilance and prayer in Africa's most populous country. "Danger everywhere. There is no more love in Nigeria. What we are witnessing is constant attacks, killings everywhere. All these things are the signs of the end time. We should pray for God to have mercy on Nigeria so that all these happenings orchestrated by evil people will come to an end,” added the celebrated entertainer.