It features a satin bow and Peter Pan collar. Photo: Gucci.

Luxury designer brand Gucci is selling an orange tartan dress for men aimed at 'disrupting the toxic stereotypes that mould masculine gender identity'. The 'Tartan cotton long smock shirt' is priced at Sh238,500 is said to have been inspired by 'grunge looks from the 90s' and features a satin bow tied around the waist. The short sleeve item also includes pearl buttons, smock embroidery and a 'contrast' Peter Pan collar. Gucci states in the online description that it hopes to challenge the widely held ideas associated with masculine gender identity.

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The description reads: "Inspired by grunge looks from the '90s and styled over ripped denim pants, this tartan smock in delicate colours reflects the idea of fluidity explored for the Fall Winter 2020 fashion show, disrupting the toxic stereotypes that mould masculine gender identity. The contrast Peter Pan collar and smock embroidery on the front add a childhood inspired element, which ties to a recurrent theme of the collection. Pieces with versatile ways to wear and style embrace each person who is part of the House’s individual spirit."

There's also a similar 'Gucci Liberty floral wool long shirt' at a slightly cheaper price of Sh161,400. Gucci's 'grunge vibe' collection also includes a pair of Sh84,000 jeans that appear to feature grass-like stains on the knees - which have already caused a stir on social media. You won't have to be too precious about spills and stains on the pricey pair of trousers, as the eco washed organic denim jeans already look like you've been knee-sliding around in the grass.