Corazon Kwamboka.

Popular Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka recently found herself at loggerheads with one of her fans after suggesting that her relationship with her boyfriend, fitness trainer Frankie JustGymIt will amount to nothing. This is after the mother of one shared an adorable picture with Frankie assuring him of her undying love. “I could make this into a long essay about how much you mean to me, I’ll just say it in a word; forever,” she wrote.

The post quickly turned into a counselling session with several netizens giving their unsolicited advice on the couple’s relationship and future. A social media user by the name Gitau Winny compared Corazon’s relationship to that of Frankie’s ex Maureen, insinuating that Corazon will not sustain her relationship with the fitness enthusiast. “Even Maureen was in the same position as you are. Same story. I got only one word for you, second wives never stay long, out of experience. But I wish you nothing but the best,” wrote Gitau Winny.

Riled up by the comment, Corazon asked the user to pick a side and not sugar coat their hate by wishing them well. “And so? My friend, if you want to hate have the balls to just do it, not coat it with ‘you wish me the best bla bla.’ I don’t need your wishes. I’ve lived my entire life without them cheers,” she responded.  


I could make this into a long essay about how much you mean to me, I’ll just say it in a word; FOREVER

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Break up

About two months ago, the couple made headlines after they unfollowed and deleted each other’s pictures from social media. According to the Genio Sportswear founder, the decision to unfriend each other from social media was influenced by privacy issues. Not following each other meant no one would know what is going on in their lives, whether they are still together or not.

In a brief chat between Corazon and blogger Edgar Obare, the mother of one assured that she and Frankie are doing better than ever. “Hey, how are you? Why have you decided to shake the internet again? What has happened between you and Frankie?” asked Edgar.

“Lol, I just started feeling invaded and stressed with people knowing my life too much, so we decided to keep the relationship to ourselves,” responded Corazon. “We are even together now. You can post this if people are talking,” she explained.

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Frankie and Corazon made their relationship public early this year after rumors of them being an item almost immediately after splitting from his baby mama. Frankie has, however, maintained that Corazon was not the reason his relationship with Maureen ended.

“I didn’t leave Maureen for Kwamboka. Maureen and I broke up then I met Kwamboka. It wasn’t planned that I am going to get rid of this beautiful thing that we had going on and go start another beautiful thing that we have now going on. That wasn’t the thought process. We had our differences and issues and it’s something that people need to understand,” he said.