'Wanting to kill yourself ' doesn't have a 'look'. However there are signs."

In the captioned on a photo shared to her Instagram page on September 10, Chemutai Sage talked about her attempts to commit suicide. "This photo of me was taken a couple of days after I wrote a suicide note. I was still highly suicidal (for the first time in more than a decade). The guy who took the photo had no idea. We had just had a wonderful breakfast and catch up. The details of the suicide note and attempted suicide I'll share another time. "

The RnB artiste sought to create awareness on suicide on Thursday, which was World Suicide Prevention Day.

“This photo is just a reminder that, 'wanting to kill yourself ' doesn't have a 'look'. However, there are signs."

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A while back, the singer opened up about struggling with depression after the birth of her daughter, Ayanna, whom she sired with Rapper King Kaka. The talented songbird birthed a baby girl six years ago after a short-lived love affair with the Kaka Empire boss. Coincidentally, Ayanna was born about the same time as the rapper’s firstborn, Gweth, with his wife Nana Owiti.

“After I had my baby, I suffered from post-partum depression which turned into depression. I didn’t want to leave the house, I had a lot of anxiety and even shut everyone out. I was scared to release my song because I didn’t know if people would like it. I doubted myself to a point I just wanted to be alone. I had writer’s block but early last year, I started to write songs and recorded a lot of it but still, I was still scared. I only released two songs,” Sage said in an interview.

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Asked about how she got over depression, she said “I have a good supporting system from my family and producer. He used to come set up in our living room in Ngong and we recorded songs at home. He really went out of his way. I also started reading, healing spiritually and mentally and also working out."

Sage is a singer, songwriter, composer and instrumentalist. She is a pianist and self-taught guitarist. Not one to be put inside a box, her music can be described as a fusion of R&B, neo-soul and pop with a hint of African rhythm. Her lyricism is both for the simple and the complex mind.