Avril and Willy Paul release 'Coco'.

This one, you never saw coming. Avril with Willy Paul... Almost a year after going secular, Willy Paul has hooked up with the melodious Avril who seems to be regaining her oomph, thanks to a series of releases. The two have released with Coco, the first single off Willy Paul’s much-anticipated debut album, due later this year. Willy Paul delivers a stellar performance, professing undying love, “...Hey girl wewe kwangu basi ndiye doctor ingia kwenye ward na tufunge chapter…”

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Known for his bold stage moves and once famously linked to Tanzania’s Nandy as well as Cecil, Willy Paul has lately come out as the ladies woman in a competitive secular world that has the likes of Otile Brown currently occupying the top slots. His Groove Awards gospel days are now a thing of the past.