“Success is greater when achieved together.”

Award-winning rapper-cum-Rémy Martin One Life/Live brand ambassador, King Kaka, revealed the great team behind him, in the unveiling of Rémy Martin’s most recent global communication campaign ‘Team Up for Excellence’.  The new campaign speaks to the heart on togetherness, an essential quality relevant in the present environment.

Kaka revealed a more personal narrative and introduced the people or ‘team’ behind his journey, saying: “There are two special people in my life who’ve not only supported me through every up and down but also shared their own unique talents and positivity, helping me grow into the artist I am right now.”

Kaka’s team comprises:

His manager Dennis Njenga, who, as Kaka explains, has grown together with him and been able to shape him from the beginning, elevating him to success by building the King Kaka brand and transforming him into an entrepreneur in the music industry.

Femi One, the first female rapper to sign to his record label, of whom Kaka says, “always keeps me on my toes musically. I learn a lot from her every day and together we are consistently changing the game and trying to make women stand out in the rap game.”

Trina Mungai- Bun in the oven

Days after we revealed a celebrity list of personalities who got pregnant during the lockdown period, it seems like the list should have been longer. Yet another artist, Trina Mungai, formerly signed under Taurus Musik and who had taken a music hiatus, has revealed her baby bump in an emotional post. The Shika hitmaker thanked her sister, who she praised for standing by her through the journey.

“Thank you, my sister, for letting me vent through this journey. My life is now completely changed, thanks to my baby,” read her post.