Shush and Sabina [Photo: Facebook]

Murang'a Woman Representative Sabina Wanjiru Chege is the latest personality in town to take the act of giving up a notch. This is after she surprised her elder sister, 'Shush', with a brand- new swanky car for her 56th birthday.

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Hon. Sabina shared photos of the white and blue themed party to her Facebook page on Friday, August 7 that captured Shush’s reaction while posing next to the gift that the legislator said was in appreciation of her sister’s role in her upbringing and that of their other seven siblings.

“Shush you're the firstborn in our family of nine children and am the last born. You carried me in your back when I was young and you fitted in our late mum's shoes. This is just a small present of appreciation as you turn one year old. We as Chege Mutema's we cherish you. Happy birthday Shush,” shared the Woman Rep. 

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Dressed in all white with a subtle blue trim scarf, Gathoni, blindfolded, was led to her gift by the MP while flanked by over a dozen cheerful kin and friends, according to the photos seen by Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle.

'Shush' and Sabina [Photo: Facebook]
'Shush' and Chege [Photo: Facebook]
Sabina leading 'Shush' [Photo: Facebook]
Shush's car [Photo: Facebook]
'Shush' [Photo: Facebook]
'Shush' [Photo: Facebook]