Song: Mastingo

Artiste: Kahush x Chris Kaiga

Chris Kaiga has created his own niche-getting famous through absurd means. In this case, his choice of video concepts are always cheeky and effortless. There is so much going on in this video, but that’s the beauty. Really, there is no formula so long as it works. It’s a retro Kanye video, from the days he was more sober.

Song: Tesa

Artiste: Nadia Mukami x Fena Gitu x Khaligraph Jones

In this fresh jam, Nadia Mukami returns to the scene with a captivating club jam themed around the fun that goes around a club on a ‘Friday night’. It’s about the deejay playing good music, people enjoying on the dance floor and drinks pouring freely because “leo ni kutesa. The storyline is well driven from start to end with party club scenes fusing well with the artistes on set. This is a great song.

Song: Paka Permit

Artiste: Benzema x Murasta

This two managed to rap about a sensitive topic, in an easy manner that was palatable, entertaining but still serious. Both artistes, being victims of rape and false accusation, were the perfect combo, complementing each other’s style. Though the wardrobe department went rogue, the addition of a protest simulation made the message clearer.

Song: Lush Green

Artiste: Maya Amolo

Kenya’s rising star Maya got a lush concept for this video. It’s out of the box, consisting of other ladies getting cosy in a lush garden, nature adding its awesomeness to the video. There are some great shots, and some lush moments, from the single of her just released EP, ‘Leave me at the Pregame’.

Song: Deni

Artiste: King Kaka x Femi x Jadi

Suits, bulky security guys, cigars, expensive Remy Martin bottles, money on the roulette table, and a seat at the table, Kaka Empire was making a statement with this one. And the best place? A casino, because, they have no ‘deni’. The director earned his penny here with hot shots that took advantage of the space, lights, colours and ambience of the location. Dope! 

Song: Mapema

Artiste: Matata

Maybe because they are dancers, or probably because they are super creative, Matata’s videos are always a breath of fresh air. They went outdoors for this one, commandeering a street corner, and all that comes with it – colour, texture, light and everything nice. There is dancing, drama, fashion and some great vibes from the group.

Song: Kunitema

Artiste: Sanaipei

Sanaipei looks like an African goddess who has acquired some erotic magic in every inch of her body, posing on a bed with bold colours all around her. She is poking holes at the society for putting pressure on its son and daughters, while looking extremely sexy while at it. Sanaipei is a great songwriter and a very talented singer.

Song: Leilah

Artiste: Otile Brown x Kidum

‘Poor guy wants settled lady who is facing abuse from rich husband’ type of story. The location for much of the story was well scouted, a mama mboga kiosk where Kidum works. The dialogue takes place at that point, Otile dramatically pouring his heart out. The song is beautiful, the video complementing its beauty.

Song: Wanani Remix

Bahati x Mejja X Petra x Odi wa Muran’ga X Ssaru X Benzema

This was an eclectic mix of Gospel, Rap, Genge and Gengetone. The song has a melodic hook that rings in the ears many hours after you listen to it. The shoot was an easy indoor setting that allowed for play on colours and shots. Memorable.

Song: Injili

Artiste: Hopekid x Prince Jawabu

The video was a fresh concept, and appropriate for the dialogue style used in the audio. An interrogation about the gospel industry from one artiste to another. Jawabu asks the questions, name-dropping controversial gospel musicians and pastors and asking about what type of gospel these people push. Hopekid fights for Injili, explaining his take on different characters while convincing his interrogator that the gospel lives on.

Great jam!

Song: Potion

Artiste: Ukweli x Hiribae x Xeniah Manasseh 

A very intimate video that gets more intense with every shot. It features so many elements, from gramophones, to mirrors, gardens to classic cars. An intimate man hovers around Xeniah, silent but conspicuous, manly but still metrosexual. The video captures new Nairobi at its best, artistes unhindered by style and norms. Classy!