Dj Pierra [Photo: Instagram]

Celebrated Kenyan deejay Pierra Makena has gone bold warning haters to stop body-shaming and challenging girls to love their bodies.

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The super-deejay who was once trolled for putting on weight - after she gave birth - is now leading a campaign on women loving their body-shapes no matter what.  Speaking to Standard Entertainment after posting a message on the same on her Instagram page, Pierra said women ought to start appreciating their looks no matter what other people thought of them.

“If you don’t appreciate yourself, who will?” she said. “Don’t be ashamed! Girls, love your body, thick or slim,” she tipped. The call was echoed by former KTN E-Curve presenter Violetta Ngina who has been championing a campaign on brown skin girls.

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“Your melanin runs deep. That is why you are unbelievably a sight to see…Don’t ever feel the need to change it to fit society’s definition of attractive. You are too beautiful,” Ngina posted.