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Singer Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua better known as Seyi Shay has no qualms dating a cheating partner, but on one condition. Speaking in an episode of Simi's YouTube show Stoopid Sessions where she was a guest with Seun Kutu, the son to Afro-beat pioneer Fela Kuti, Seyi said she does not mind if her man cheats as long as he keeps more than one ‘side chick’. According to Seyi, one cheating partner is a recipe for disaster as he is likely to fall in love.

“I would actually be cool with my man having 'chicks'. I will be cool so long as they are 'chicks', not one. Because if he has one on the side, he is going to fall in love. But if there are 'chicks' and he is doing his thing, I’m his number one, clearly and in every way. He doesn’t have to tell me about it so long as we have that conversation in the beginning,” she said.

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Commenting on whether monogamy is obsolete in today’s generation, the Right Now songbird emphasized why parameters on how partners should conduct themselves in a relationship, including expectations, must be laid out from the onset.

“To be honest with you, I feel like, if two people have an understanding before they enter into a relationship even I think it’s cool. I think everybody should be really clear and open with each other; are we going to be exclusive? Can you handle it? I don’t know if I can trust myself to be with one person forever, but I love you, can you handle it?  I feel like communication is key from the beginning,” she added. 

Asked by Simi –real name - Simisola Opeyemi Ogunleye –whether she was capable of being in a monogamous relationship, the singer revealed that she has what it takes and, as proof, highlighted that she got engaged in 2019. “I am. I actually got engaged last year. People that knew, knew, right? I had my ring on and everything – people thought it was a fashion ring or something but it was actually an engagement ring – and then a few months later we broke up.” 

The reason for the split? 

“We were already arguing about the whole wedding; there is a lot of stress when you are planning a wedding and I think somewhere in that all process, our relationship started to break down. Eventually, anyway, he was cheating on me and I found out because I walked in on the situation. I really wish I didn’t have to. So, the reason I decided and agreed to get married to this person is that I have a certain opinion on marriage. I don’t believe in the typical generalization of marriage. I don’t believe in that whole western type of ceremony or marriage - It is much deeper than that. Marriage to me is a bit more spiritual. It is much deeper than that. There is a type of glory that marriage gives you and your relationship as a woman or man and that is beyond the contract or the things you say to each other or the number of people in the ceremony,” she went on. 

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The Nigeria-based songwriter and actress noted that when she is in a relationship she does not cheat as she gives her whole to her partner.

“Back to the issue of monogamy and exclusivity thing; I feel like once there is communication between the two people and you basically state what you can and cannot deal with, honestly, then everything is cool. To me, I cannot cheat once I’ve decided that this is the person I’m going to be with, I roll with it, I do what I have to do.”