“Wanaume hamwezi ambiwa," chided Caroline Mutoko.

Outspoken media personality Caroline Mutoko has said the high COVID-19 mortality rate among Kenyan men is stemming from their behaviour and mentality. In a passionate appeal on her YouTube page, the veteran journalist urged men to be more cautious, adding that she’d previously been hesitant to speak out on the subject.

“It's been at the back of her mind for three weeks. Coronavirus is hospitalizing and killing more men than women. COVID-19 is taking our men not because it's predisposed to a chromosome, it's a mental and behavioural predisposition,” said Mutoko.

In her argument, the mother of one said that not only do men have unhygienic behaviour but are also too stubborn to adhere to curfews and other measures meant to curb the spread of the virus.   

“Wanaume hamwezi ambiwa, there’s no telling you what to do because the very idea that a virus could come after you is impossible, till the virus comes for you...You hate water, somebody has to beg you to wash your hands. Because you are predisposed mentally and habitually to shy away from hygiene, corona is coming for you.

“What happened to Papa? It's a mental and behavioural thing,” said the vlogger, referring to the recent passing of veteran actor Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula from COVID-19. She also seemed to allude to the recent arrest of Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja for breaching curfew.

“You can’t obey the curfew. You must be sitting in some stupid place with 12-20 other stupid people at 1 am and then giving cops attitude. Do you realize that every time you step out the door you carry the fate of every person you love in your hands? Why should your children grow up without a father?” she posed.

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“Please take this disease seriously. Wash your hands, take your vitamin C and sanitize. If feeling unwell go to the hospital. Wear a mask and keep it on,” she pleaded.


Mutoko soon became the trending topic on Twitter with some arguing that men are dying at a higher rate because they are mostly the breadwinners hence, are outdoors more often:

Caroline Mutoko.



Why more men?

Some researchers suspect the higher death toll among men could be a result of the virus being activated by hormones that play a role in male characteristics. Recent studies also described how many men hospitalised with Covid-19 are bald, adding fuel to the theory because baldness in men is associated with high levels of the hormones. Underlying health conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and chronic lung disease could also predispose one to severe COVID-19.