Zeddy clarified that she will not be quitting comedy but will use other platforms for her performances. Photo: Courtesy.

Popular entertainer Zainabu Zeddy has revealed that she will be leaving Churchill Show after eight years. Speaking to Jalang'o, Zeddy clarified that she will not be quitting comedy but will use other platforms for her performances.

Insisting that she was not fired, Zeddy added that she is one of the oldest comedians in the show and it is time she took her act to a different platform.

"I do not think I will be going back to Churchill Show. I have not been fired but you know there is a need for growth. I am one of the oldest comedians there," she said.

Zeddy revealed that she is taking her performances online to pave way for other young comedians to take up the platform and make a name for themselves.

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"I am not quitting comedy. I can do it online. I joined Churchill Show about eight years ago and it is time I let others like Nasra flourish," she added.

Joining Churchill Show

Narrating her Journey into comedy, the mother of three revealed that she was working at EPZ when her friends pushed her to join Churchill Show, a move that made her quit her job.

"I was working at EPZ and while hanging out with my colleagues during our lunch break, they always said I am funny and pushed me to try Churchill Show. I tried a couple of times before succeeding. After making it, I resigned from my job," she added.

Her announcement to leave Churchill Show comes barely a week after accused Victor Ber, the shows’ creative director of frustrating comedians to the point of pushing them to give up on their dreams.

Zeddy. Photo: Courtesy.

In a long post shared on her Instagram account, Zeddy described Ber as ‘depression maker’ thanks, to his tough words during auditions.

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The post ignited mixed reactions from comedians among them Sleepy David who castigated Zeddy. According to Sleepy, Ber who is Teacher Wanjiku’s husband was being falsely accused .

“For all of you judging a man you don’t even know, you need to meet Ber. Great Guy. He has paid his price in building the industry. Ask yourself why no comedian is saying anything about this man amidst the drama. I have so much respect for Victor, did you actually know that Ber was among the few people that hangout with Kasee before he passed on?” Wrote Sleepy.