donnahobera43 [Photo: @curvycurve_kenya]

A host of award-winning celebrities and other stars make the panel for Miss Curvy Curve Kenya 2019 edition.

This is a beauty pageant founded by Norway-based Kenyan entertainment promoter and CEO of OberaX2 Entertainment Donnah Obera.

Mwende Macharia [Photo: @curvycurve_kenya]

The Oslo-based multiple-awards winner has solicited the services of radio personalities Mwende Macharia and Massawe Japanni, DJ Pierra Makena and actress Bridget Achieng’ in the plus-size model search that will take place at the Kiza Sibane ballroom on December 14.

“I am putting in everything to ensure that this event lives (up) to its hype. It is a show that is meant to celebrate women of diverse ethnicity and sizes. Curvy Curves aspires to unite women through its platform and inspire self-love along with women empowerment,” Donnah told Pulse on phone, indicating that she would be jetting into the country soon to help her team do the final touches on the event's preparations.